Altima is one of the leading and foremost manufacturers of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) in the country today

We have established ourselves as the key suppliers of RMC for the construction Sector. At Altima, we standout with our innovative approach towards total customer satisfaction. We are constantly upgrading our skills with the latest technology, apply stringent quality control standards and follow efficient production process.

Altima is headed by Mr Shankar reddy who has specialized experience in the Construction Industry for many years. He is assisted by a team of expert development professionals based in Bangalore and at every location where Altima has its operations.



We provide a comprehensive platform with solution for procuring high quality RMC for construction projects of all sizes. We believe in providing end-to-end solution to our clients. Our team of experts monitor the entire process right from selection of ingredients to delivering of right product to our customers in ready to use form. Our state-of-art production facilities ensure uniform quality production every time. We have been associated with several prominent projects within the country that are both diverse and wide-ranging.


Altima ensures supply of quality products through various checks, inspections and testing right from procurement of materials to delivery of concrete to sites keeping customers satisfaction as the main target and focus point, and achieve the goal through the dedicated network of quality and service minded team, all with latest and well maintained equipments. We maintain authenticated records of all activities carried out by us.